What Should Be in Backpacks for College Guys

Suggestions for backpacks for college guys, different purposes and uses for them, and selecting the most stylish backpacks for college:

Your college backpack serves as a lifeline. This is the travel pack that will be with you in classes, meetings, events and everywhere college will take you. It’s important to keep your backpack light, organized and, of course, full of all of the essentials.

1. Laptop

Expect to become familiar with your laptop, so have a space in your backpack for it.

Tip: Get your laptop before you get your backpack to ensure it will fit in it.

2. Planner

Having a student planner is essential to getting assignments done.

Tip: Go electronic. Phone or laptop planners eliminate an extra item and can be updated anywhere.

3. Notebooks

Being able to take detailed notes in class is paramount if you want a better understanding of the class material.

Tip: Like a planner, notebooks can be substituted for a laptop or phone.

4. Office supplies

Sticky notes, rubber bands, paper clips, whiteout and any other office supplies you think will be necessary should be in your backpack..

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